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A selection of good quality, used guitars and specialising in imports from Japan since 2008

Welcome to Whitstable Guitars 

This website was created by me back in 2008 to display a selection of used guitars for sale, mainly from Japan, but also from the USA & other countries. 

I really like Japanese Fenders but other Japanese guitars like Bacchus, Edwards, Yamaha, Aria Pro II, Greco, Orville, Burny, FGN etc etc are all superb. For me, the build quality & playability is excellent. I play a Japanese guitar (G&L Tele) when I am out gigging because it suits my needs perfectly.

 I pride myself on giving the best service I can. In the past 12 months almost 50% of my sales have been from repeat business.  Please read my unedited guestbook

I  have an arrangement with a major instrument supplier in Japan & I regularly import used guitars. These are all in excellent condition and often have unusual spec such as USA pickups & "domestic market only" finishes. Please have a  look at what I have to offer & why not own & play something just a little different :)

Have a look at the gallery on the right hand side to see what's in stock at the moment.


The recent restriction on the import of Rosewood has now been lifted for musical instruments so I am now able to order any used guitar you would like from my supplier

I'm not a fan of selling on ebay. Here's why..

Did you know that if you sell something on ebay they will charge you a 12.8% final value fee  + 30p & you do all the work? Sell a guitar for £500 & say goodbye to £64.30. Oh, and they also take a similar cut from your shipping too now, so if you add £25 to your listing for shipping charges, they take another £3.20 from that too. So after selling your guitar for £500, you actually receive £432.50 !!

I also spend time restoring, fixing and building the odd guitar and I have documented some of my work here too. Unfortunately I am not able to undertake any customer work at present other than setup, servicing & pickup replacement  but look at my "links" where I am now able to point you to a fine luthier. All of my guitars and other items can be purchased securely & quickly using Paypal or Debit & Credit card

If you have any general enquiries, please email me here.


 I always try and respond within 24 hours

Thanks for visiting ! 

Rob Hayes